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Things to consider while installing CCTV camera on your premises

The security camera is one of the most brilliant technological inventions. With an increase in crime and other anti-social elements in the cities, CCTV cameras can be extremely useful.

With the advancement of technology, these cameras, which were previously used primarily for security purposes, are now also used for other applications such as marketing, such as traffic and behavioral studies, and human resources, such as obtaining visual records in the case of workers' compensation claims. However, despite their popularity, people still want to know WHY they should install CCTV cameras.

Why CCTV’s are a necessity for the premises?

An outdoor camera is far superior to an indoor camera because the former will survey your home and its surroundings for potential threats. Though a visible option may catch a potential robber or offender off guard, a hidden camera can record why they might be a threat without alerting them. These devices can remotely monitor your home.

Whether you want to monitor the boundary of your home or keep an eye on your children or pets while you are away, installing CCTV at your paradise in Lagos is a smart option. You can always check the camera footage on your device by sitting on your sofa.

Having these small security cameras around your home not only allows you to monitor what is going on in your home while you are away, but it can also help protect your family and loved ones.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while installing these surveillance devices in your home.

Cameras should be strategically placed to provide a clear view of the surrounding area.

Always position the cameras so that they can see the area you want to survey. Placing them at the corners of your buildings, may result in blind spots and limit the viewpoints of your cameras.

Take into account your lighting

Ascertain that the area to be monitored has consistent and adequate lighting so that the camera can pick up identifying details such as facial features. Consider using a night-vision capable CCTV camera in areas where there is insufficient lighting.

Install CCTV cameras to monitor unnoticed entry points.

Cameras should typically be installed to monitor back windows, back doors, basement windows, and doors used to break into buildings. Your cameras should be placed to monitor these areas, and don't forget to install one to monitor the front door, as many incidents of mail or package theft occur there.

Hide the cables

Don't leave easily accessible cables exposed because they can be amputated. Seek the services of a professional security camera installer as they will help you hide the cable in conduit, either protecting it or making it more difficult to access. Consider the environmental conditions when installing CCTV cameras from Lagos best online store, Sterling Magna Tech to which the equipment will be exposed and how this may affect the performance of these devices.


Get a Security Protection System from Sterling Magna Tech Lagos for your land so that your loved ones can feel safe. Sterling Magna tech provides CCTV camera installation services, as well as product procurement for the product lines we install for our clients. Our extensive partnerships with many suppliers in Nigeria and beyond have enabled us to provide high-quality products with outstanding extended warranties to our clientele.

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