Get the best Perimeter Fencing Solutions Now!


Due to the High level of insecurity in Nigeria, Perimeter Fencing Solutions have been seen as normal since about 90% of homes in Nigeria deploy one form of Perimeter fencing or the other.

Many of these systems have become redundant as intruders have now learnt smarter ways of by-passing them.

Here, at Sterling Magna Technologies, we strive to provide High Tech Perimeter Fencing Solutions that are impossible to by-pass and difficult to cheat. Get the best Nemtek products from our online store. as we now supply Electric fence materials including Energizers, Siren, and Poles.


Electric Fencing Systems are the best types of perimeter fencing systems that currently exist. They act as a deterrent to intruders, kills small rodents, and also beautify any premises.

Sterling Magna Technologies has partnered with Nemtek South Africa to deliver the best of Electric Fencing Products to its clients.

The systems we deploy are very modern, capable of working for up to 48 hours on backup battery, capable of triggering a warning alarm when an intruder trips the wires and capable of sending sms notifications to pre-programmed phone numbers in the event of an intrusion. Our Electric Fencing Systems are simply the best and we highly recommend them to anyone.



We also supply other types of perimeter fencing, mainly; Mesh Fences.