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5 Reasons why you should Install CCTV Cameras Now

The state of security in the nation lately cannot be overemphasized. While the government is doing all it can to ensure the safety of lives and properties in the country, the reality is that these efforts are not enough as the crime rate in the country is on the rise.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics JUNE 2017 report, Crime Statistics on reported offenses reflected that a total of 134,663 cases were reported in 2017. This is actually an increase of almost 15% from the previous year. This means in less than 3 years, reported cases are expected to double.

Lagos State was the state with the highest number of reported crime cases, closely followed by Abia, Rivers and Delta State respectively.

From the above statistics, it's easy to spot a growing trend and a growing need for increased security and safety measures at homes, schools, hotels, and offices.

CCTV Camera installation remains one of the best and most cost-effective means of mitigating against Crime. Depending on the camera type, camera prices can range from N10,000 (for example our TurboHd Indoor Cameras) to about N85,000 (for example our 4 Megapixel IP Cameras). Complete installations can range from about N100,000 to N400,000 or more.

One of the main reasons why CCTV Cameras remain the most cost-effective crime solution is simply because firstly it is a very strong crime deterrent. Also, even in cases where the crime is eventually committed, homes and offices with CCTV have over 70% probability of being resolved and restored.

There are many cases of crimes that have been resolved due to the presence of working CCTV Cameras. One of such cases is the case of the Port Harcourt Serial Killer. Other viral cases are that of the maid that abused her boss’s child.

It is increasingly evident that the cost of installing CCTV to protect and preserve your properties and loved ones is way less than what we stand to lose by not installing these protections.

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1 Comment

Josh Sargent
Josh Sargent
Nov 25, 2023

Installing CCTV cameras by Locksmith Coral Springs company is a surefire way to boost the security of your property. With strategically placed cameras, you can monitor and record activities around your premises, deterring potential intruders and providing a strong layer of security.

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